5 books I need to give another chance

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Unfinished books
Sometimes you’re not in the mood for a particular book. Sometimes you just don’t like it at all but you keep hearing how amazing it is so you want to try again. Sometimes you really need to take the time for a particular book – time that you don’t have at that moment. And therefore they end up back on your shelves, even though you tried. It doesn’t mean the books weren’t good, it just means they were not for you in that moment.
That happened to my first book on the list: Sleeping giants by Sylvain Neuvel. This is one of those books that I could not really get into the first time and I didn’t feel the motivation to push through, but since there are so many positive reviews, I’m sure it will be better when I give it another chance when I’m in the right mood. If I don’t like it the second time, it might just not be for me.
The second book I did not finish is one I just open from time to time to flip through it, because it looks so interesting: House of leaves by Mark Z Danielewski. It is one of the weirdest but most amazing-looking books I own, and I can barely explain it. It exists out of various documents, reports and stories.
Some pages are upside down, some only contain a few letters, sometimes the text is diagonally placed on the pages, and so on. It is weird. And not surprisingly, very hard to read. It just seems too intimidating and this is a book you really need to take the time for, you can’t just quickly pick it up to read a few pages before bed. So this might be one for during my next vacation.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is another book I really couldn’t get into the first time I picked up. The writing style was a bit blunt, I didn’t really feel the story, so I put it down. But it’s a classic that so many people love, and I also had a class about it in my science-fiction class last year which made me really interested, so I’ll definitely give this one another chance. Next up is Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman. Again, a book that needs enough time, patience and attention. It’s not really something you can consider light reading. But as a marketing student, this is definitely a must-read and I know I’ll enjoy it a lot when I have the time for it. The few pages I did get to read were so interesting already!
And finally, we have Water for elephants by Sara Gruen. I honestly don’t remember what I thought when I first read this book, all I know is that I put it down. I probably bought a new book around that time that caught my interest over this one (like always). But the story seems interesting to me, and I absolutely loved the movie but I couldn’t finish it because I couldn’t handle the abuse of the elephants (which will feel less horrible when I read about it). Therefore this is definitely still on my tbr!
Have you read any of these books? Any thoughts?

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